Poker Card Guards Are More About Luck Today

Many fans of poker visit casinos to have loads of fun playing this fantastic card game. Poker has become immensely popular since the early 20th century, when it was more of a recreational activity. If you’re a regular at any of the casino establishments, you’ll know what a poker card guard is. Also known as a card protector, it’s used to protect your cards.

While playing the game of poker, there’s always the possibility of a dealer taking your cards accidentally. This may happen even though you’ve not folded. A player may also throw a card over the ones you’re using. This is also seen as a muck or a fold. A poker card guard also protects your cards against such moves.

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How poker card guards become objects of luck

Most of the poker players apply their skills in math and logic while playing the game of poker. However, there are several players among them who are always looking for a lucky edge. For some, this comes in the form of their poker card guard. When they’re winning, they think that their card protector is lucky for them.

The poker card guard may have one of their favorite symbols on it. Somehow, these players begin to believe that the card guard is a source of good fortune. Besides, the unique symbol on the poker card guard also gives them a sense of individuality.

Appearance of a poker card guard

The main purpose of a poker card guard is simply to prevent your cards from getting folded. In recent times, it’s the style that matters for most of the players. So, you’ll come across card protectors that have intriguing designs. Some players may use card guards that look like a medallion.

A poker card guard may carry just about any picture or design that you can imagine. Patriotic individuals may want to have the image of their national flag on the card protector. Animal lovers would like to have a card guard with the image of their favorite mammal, reptile, or bird.

Something different for luck

If a certain design appeals to you, why not have it on your poker card guard? There are poker players who use card protectors with unique designs instead of the traditional ones. Fans of science fiction movies may look for an item themed on ‘Star Wars’.

There have been instances of poker players using card guards themed on Lego characters. Some of the biggest winners in poker have also used unique card protectors to bring them some luck. As a result, many individuals often pay more attention to their lucky objects than their poker skills.

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