Creative Key Hooks That Keep All Keys in One Place

People use key hooks to organize all the important keys at a place that’s not hidden from their view. They’re never out of sight, so the chances of losing the keys are far less. Besides being functional, these key hooks also act as aesthetic additions to the wall where they are fixed. When you begin your hunt for key hooks, you’ll come across many different designs.

Some of them are so creative that you’ll want to buy them immediately. A few others have some additions, such as floating racks or mailbox. These additions create more space near the key storage area. You’ll also have choice of materials in them. Among the popular ones are wooden key hooks, metallic key hooks, and plastic key hooks.

You’ll need to fix them on a flat surface with screws or nails. However, today you’ll also find key hooks that you can stick to a plain surface. We’ve listed some creative key hooks that you can consider if you’re planning to buy one:

1. Key hooks on a board with carvings

Such key hooks are a part of wooden boards with attractive carvings. Some among these boards can hold a few other things, such as mobile phones. A few others include floating racks. The board with carvings come with many hooks for hanging all your important keys. It would be a good idea to place it on the wall of your doorway.

2. Key hooks on a tree-shaped board

If you wish to have something unique on your wall, this is a good choice. In this option, you’ll have the key hooks spread across a tree-shaped board. This board is usually made of wood and can accommodate many keys. Some of the popular ones accommodate nearly seven hooks.

3. On a letter rack

This will be a good means of adding functional as well as aesthetic detail to your wall. It consists of a wooden letter rack and several key hooks. The rack will have enough space to store letters and other essential items. You can also use the rack in many different ways. One of them would be placing a flower vase in the corner of the rack.

4. On a metallic surface

Instead of wooden boards, you can opt for something metallic. The key hooks will be on a metallic surface, which has a certain shape or design. Some of them have the shape of a large key. It will have a few hooks for hanging your keys. The material that make up the metallic surface is usually brass or bronze. You’ll need to fix the metallic surface on a wall of your house with screws or nails.

5. Key hooks on a ceramic surface

This will be a very unusual item for you to consider buying. You’ll have a big ceramic tile with many key hooks provided on it. There are certain designs that incorporate two or three tiles with three hooks on each of them. The ones with two or three tiles can hold several keys at once.

Besides, the intricate works or designs on the tiles will look beautiful on your wall. You don’t need several screws or nails to fix the ceramic surface on the wall. It will hang with the help of a single screw. You may also get free hardware with it, which will make the installation easier.

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