4 Types of Candle Holders for a Pleasant Ambiance

The discovery of the earliest candle holder dates back to 4th century BC. In those times, clay was widely used to make them. The main purpose of a candle holder or candle stick is to hold the candle upright. It protects the surface where the candle is kept from dripping wax. Candle holders were extremely popular during the period between 17th and 18th centuries.

With the invention of the electric bulb during the late 19th century, it became more of a decorative item. Today, many people give candle holders as gifts while many opulent homes and establishments use them as embellishments. Here are the different types of candle holders you can consider for creating a pleasing ambiance indoors:

1. Votive Candle Holder

This is quite an inexpensive option among many of the other types of candle holders. Votive candle holders hold short candles that are called votive candles. They are usually two inches in height and available in different styles. You can use these candle holders to create some fabulous decorations. Many individuals place different votive candle holders together on a table or shelf.

They truly enhance the look and feel of the place where you keep them. As they are not expensive, you can buy many of them. There are many possibilities that you can explore for the purpose of displaying them as decorative items. You can keep them in a row or use them to form shapes.

2. Tea Light Candle Holder

You can find tea light candle holders in many of the North American homes. A tea light candle holder is convenient to use and looks great with candles of a certain type. It will be a fantastic choice for creating mood lighting. The perfect occasion for this type of lighting would be a romantic dinner with your better half.

The tea light candle holders will create the right atmosphere for the entire setup. Another benefit of this type of candle holder is its affordability. You can also choose from a range of different tea light candles. Although their function will be the same, they’ll look very different from one another.

3. Candle Chandelier

The use of candle chandeliers earlier was for practical purposes. In recent times, there’s nothing much practical about using this type of candle holder. Besides, finding a candle chandelier today is not so simple as it was a couple of centuries ago. In those days, the wealthy and affluent households were the places where you could find candle chandeliers. You could see them hanging above the elaborate dining tables and had some ornate designs.

Today, many individuals will see these items as potential fire hazards. You’ll need to be very careful with a candle chandelier if you’re thinking about installing one in your house. It must hang low from the ceiling so that you don’t need to worry about the flames catching anything.

4. Candle Lantern

You might’ve seen the oil lanterns lighting the way during the night in historical movies. However, here we’re talking about lanterns that have candles inside them instead of oil lamps. Today, most of the people use them as decorative pieces. You can either place them on hooks or on a flat surface, such as a stand.

The designs of such lanterns may vary, so you can choose one that appeals the most to you. Candle lanterns have a neat look and will be a good choice for some specific areas of your house.

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