5 Different Ways of Utilizing Bookends

You might be knowing what a bookend is. In case you don’t, we’ll tell you what it is. A bookend is a support you place at the end of a row of books. It keeps the books in the right position and adds some style to your bookshelf. So, in a way, it acts as an excellent support for the books.

You’ll have absolutely no problems in finding a bookend as they’re easily available. As there are plenty of e-commerce sites, you can also buy bookends online. They’re available in many different styles today. You can find bookends in various forms, such as tree trunks, paperweight, and flat fishbowl halves.

For making them, the manufacturers use wood, plastic, glass, or some other appropriate material. This gives you the option of choosing a bookend containing the material of your choice. Although people use bookends mainly as a support for books, it has many other uses. Let’s take a look at the different ways of utilizing them:

1. As decorative pieces

You can use bookends as a part of your home décor. They make for excellent decorative pieces as they need less space and are extremely cost-effective. You can enhance the look of your home décor with some stylish bookends. In the living room, you can use them to provide support for magazines and newspapers. If you have a good DVD collection, you can also place them on the shelves.

2. As napkin holders

This is another great way of utilizing your bookends. Also known as napkin dispenser, a napkin holder holds the napkins in such a way that they stay in place. It either sandwiches the napkins between its surfaces or encloses them. You’ll generally find napkin holders in restaurants and households.

So, if you are a restaurant or home owner, you can use your bookends instead of napkin holders. You can place them on a dining or coffee table. This will also help you avoid clutter on the table resulting from the use of napkins.

3. As book stands

You can use bookends as book stands or book cradles. If you’re an avid reader and have a good collection of books, you can’t just leave them on a shelf. Upon touching the surface, the books might lose their charm with all the dust clinging on them.

Bookends can offer a great solution for this. If they have a fair amount of thickness, they can be a good support. Just flip the bookend and you’ll be able to use it as a ramp. Thus, it will act as a fantastic book stand.

4. As holders for printed paperworks

If you deal with a lot of printed paperworks, the bookends can keep all these documents in place. Upon using your bookends, you’ll never find it difficult to organize these things. It will also keep the space neat and uncluttered.

5. As storage solutions

You must probably be finding it difficult to organize all your face towels, hand towels, and T-shirts. All of them might be making your wardrobe look messy. So, why wait? Just reuse your old bookends to organize them. The L-shaped bookends are fabulous options for organizing towels and T-shirts. You can fold them and keep them next to one another to avoid all the mess.

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